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Pickup Agreement:

Please be aware that all pick up times are an estimate and may not be the actually time of pick up. In any case that we are unable to pick up within the desired time, T & T Express Shipping LLC. will contact each individual prior to the desired time to update any information. Customers may still be liable to pay some and/or all fees associated with any undelivered products due to insufficient or unknown addresses. Prices and shipping rates are subjected to change without notice at any time. T & T Express Shipping LLC. will contact each order submitted prior to the designated pick up date to confirm all fees, prices and addresses. *T & T Express Shipping LLC., would not deliver products and hold for them to be packaged. T & T Express Shipping LLC. will not be held liable for any broken items not properly secured/placed while packing, and neither would we assist in home packaging of any sort. All customers are responsible to label and tag their packages to alert handlers of any fragile items that may be placed inside. **All parcels, boxes, crates, etc. must be remeasured by T & T Express Shipping LLC. upon time of pickup for actual price. Some items may be subjected to a minimum shipping rate. T & T Express Shipping LLC. is not affiliated with any other company unless otherwise stated. By clicking the submit request button below, you agree to the rules of our Contract of Carriage and any other statements written in this shipping request form.

We are closed on Sundays.

Please note Pickup Days: Brooklyn & Queens Sun-Fri | Bronx, Manhattan, Yonkers, Mt Vernon, Upstate & CT - Mon, Wed & Fri | Nassau & Suffolk County, SI, NJ & PA - Tue & Thur

example: 2 Barrels or 2 Boxes - 48x24x28 (household & food items)