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Main Office: 1698 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Warehouse: 131 Liberty Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212

New York: 718.485.0617 , 718.277.1740, 718.277.9870 718.277.9068, 718.277.1877, 718.277.2790



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Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm

Saturday Sunday & : 10am- 4pm

(please note the warehouse is closed on weekends)


Please submit all non-legal COMPLAINTS here!

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legal complaintS

Legal complaints are separate from service complaints, and must be directed to the appropriate department and/or persons.  All legal complaints or issues are taken very seriously.

If you have a legal issue with our website, any logos, photos, or statements written here, even issues with events, past, present or future, please reach us about this at Please leave a detailed letter in your email to us along with some additional information that we may contact you other than by e-mail.  

We will review your complaint, first to see if it was directed to the correct persons, and if so, review the complaint itself to see what legal issues may be involved and how it can be resolved.  There is no time frame as to how and when you will be contacted about the legal issue or complaint you voiced, but if it is a legal issue, you will be reached out to.  If the issue is not legal, there will be no further communication.

You may also contact us if you believe that our logo(s) or slogan(s) are being used illegally in parts of the globe for illegal activities. Your honesty is greatly appreciated and as always, your privacy is always respected by us.


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