Shipping Tips For A Better Experience

Everyone can benefit from a little help every now and then, when it come to shipping.  And not everyone is an expert in packing a barrel or box. To be quite honest, it can be a daunting task at times.

 barrel might look small from the outside, but when it comes to packing and stuffing, it can easily leave you saying 'you need to purchase more things to fill in the empty space', but before we even think about that, we can't forget the number one rule: 

#1 - Ship early, ship early, and oh yea, ship early.  

Always account for delays as they do happen.  Our suggestion is to ship your goods at least 2 weeks before the time you will like your things to arrive, taking account for the estimated shipping time to the destination of your goods.  

If you're shipping the goods to yourself and you're going to be in the arriving country or area for a short amount of time (ex. one to two weeks), it's always great to have a backup plan.  Add an additional name to your items so that if it reaches too early or too late, it can still get cleared without having additional fees related to storage. We advise you add someone trustworthy.

#2 - If you're tight on time, add an additional name as the receiver listing them as 'or', rather than 'and' on the receiving information.

Listing them as 'or' rather than 'and' enables you to get your things without any questions if the items arrives at the desired time.

ow its time to talk about packing. If you're packing a barrel you are pretty much secured.  Barrels have a thick solid layer that can take weight, but if you're packing a box or similar items, you have to make sure that your box can take the weight you're about to put into it.  

#3 - Secure the bottom of your box or similar carton with an additional layer or two of cardboard to make it more capable of taking the weight.

The weight can easily add up and sometimes tape is not enough to handle it.  You can also cushion the bottom after you have secured it with a layer of clothing.  

People put a lot of heavy things in barrels and boxes, but not because its heavy means that it gets packaged at the bottom of the pile.  Canned good: yes, small plastic bottles: maybe, large plastic bottles: no.  Plastic bottles in the amount of a gallon or more can't take weight and explode on heavy impact.  Oils, detergent, and other liquids come in large easy to burst containers and should be packaged closer to the top of your things.

#4 - Put soft and large bottles or containers that may contain oils, detergent, or other liquids closer to the top.

Bag those soft large items in the case it leak, also secure the lids with some tape as not all containers are doubled sealed.

Try to keep your package balanced, keeping more of the weight to the bottom.  Canned goods are not lightweight.  Regardless of what comes in a can, it always tend to be heavy, so with that being said:

 #5 - Put canned and other solid goods at the bottom when you begin packing. 

Packing canned goods at the top makes your package top heavy, which is dangerous while your package is in transit.  A top heavy item can tilt and fall easily, which can damage or destroy your items inside.  

Contrary to what you have heard, you cannot fit the United States into a barrel, so please be conscious of what you put in there as the weight does add up. Barrels are rated to take a certain weight, most of them averaging about 250 lbs.

#6 - Limit the weight of your barrel to approx 250 lbs, especially if you are not sure of the quality.

Where you get the barrel, makes a big difference.  They all look alike but differ in many ways. We sell great quality products and over the years we've seen some record breakers come for shipping, and for your convenience, we no longer sell plastic covered top fiber barrels.  All our fiber/cardboard barrels comes with a metal cover for your added protection

If you have a good tip and will like us to add it, please just send it to us using our comment section, and thank you for choosing T&T Express Shipping LLC.